AWE Tuning S197 Mustang GT Axle-back Exhaust - Touring Edition (Chrome Silver Tips)

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 3015-32094

سعر البيع SR3,843.95
فقط 4 وحدة متبقية


Touring Edition Axle-back The Touring Edition is the perfect configuration for those who appreciate a hearty muscle tone without having to bear in-cabin drone. Construction of full 3” .065”-wall stainless steel while featuring 180 Technology®, the Touring Edition roars when you want it, and quiet when you need it. Important fitment notes: The factory ball & socket clamp is to be reused. Tip Options: All tip options include the AWE logo and double walling to ensure a mirror finish even under hard usage. All tips are individually adjustable, allowing depth into the bumper to be set according to personal taste

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